Care Pathway

Care Pathways are crucial to ensuring the delivery of care that is safe, effective, patient centred, timely, efficient and equitable by our organisation.

In order to provide structure to our clinical interventions we have modularised several of the core components to measure progress within a range of domains as shown below. This helps to ensure the provision of a holistic and comprehensive care pathway that can support service users to make incremental improvements in their everyday life and social functioning, and to successfully take on increasing levels of responsibility in managing as many aspects of their own life as possible. We develop strong links with local community resources to facilitate service users’ social inclusion.

Pathways Model

Our programme is designed to:

  • Enable service users to gain confidence in their everyday living skills, their self-management of their illness and medication, and their day to day
  • Widen social networks
  • Support service users to build ‘meaningful’ occupation into their daily routines


The objective of recovery oriented mental health services is to improve the persons’ quality of life, as judged by the individual.

“Increasingly, services aim to go beyond traditional care and help service users back into mainstream society, re-defining recovery to incorporate quality of life – a job, a decent place to live, friends and a social life”

(Appleby, 2007)

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