Preston – How We Work

At both our Active Pathways sites in Preston we work closely with the service-user and their support team to jointly decide on the best therapeutic interventions required to help meet their needs and goals. The work we do is about giving people in our care a sense of meaning, self-worth and reasons for living well. We do this by providing care for people through structured therapeutic rehabilitation and recovery models. All our therapeutic intervention strategies are continuously monitored for pre- and post- outcome evaluation and effectiveness. They include:

  • Relapse Prevention programmes
  • Individual risk assessment programmes
  • Supporting the development of independent living skills
  • Physical health monitoring and health promotion
  • Therapeutic groups
  • Citizenship, social participation and engagement in the community
  • E-CBT
  • Assistance with developing a greater sense of self belief and self esteem
  • Vocational enablement and guidance
  • Educational opportunities both in-house and externally, for example at local colleges
  • Encouraging full family and carer engagement
  • Exploiting where possible a range of voluntary services opportunities
  • Problem solving

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