Work With Us

If you come to work with us you will find us a progressive and forward thinking organisation with a desire to become an established preferred provider for mental health rehabilitation; we can only achieve this with the valuable contribution and support of our staff team.

Our team is critically important to us and as an organisation we view our employees as more than just small cogs within a corporate wheel. Our employees are important to us and we recognise the valuable contribution that everyone makes to the successful development of the organisation.

As such, we want to invest in your development to establish a highly trained, skilled and motivated workforce. In return we expect our employees to make a positive contribution to the development of the organisation and to help improve the lives of our service-users.

We only want to employ people who are genuinely interested in making an active contribution and working to the best of their ability at all times. If you feel that this describes you, then we would really like to hear from you and welcome your application.

We employ staff based on their character, personality, and relevant life experience, not just on their skills. It is important that we find the ‘right’ people, not just those with the most skills. A generic person specification of the ideal candidate is provided below as a guide to what attributes we are looking for.

Generic Person Specification:

Attribute Essential
Is passionate about mental health recovery Tick
Desire to develop a supportive and collaborative partnership with service-users Tick
Able to demonstrate leadership behaviours Tick
Is innovative, creative and solution focussed Tick
Is open, honest and transparent Tick
Able to demonstrate a commitment to own learning and development Tick
Is a flexible team player and makes a valuable contribution Tick
Always safeguards service-users from harm and is not afraid to blow the whistle on poor practice Tick
Never accepts ‘good enough’ and is always looking for ways to improve quality and become ‘the best’. Tick