Mental Health

Individualised, person-centred, care packages

Our community mental health service has been designed to provide specialist support to people who have complex mental health difficulties to live more independently in the community, reducing readmission into hospital, and enjoying a better quality of life in their own home. We deliver individualised, person-centred, care packages for service users who do not require the restrictive environment of in-patient care, but do require on-going treatment and support from an experienced clinical team, thus reducing the likelihood of relapse and re-hospitalisation.

We are a CQC registered provider and work in collaborative partnership with local CCG and Local Authority partners throughout the North West. It is recognised that there are large numbers of service users who remain in high cost and inappropriate hospital placements because of a lack of suitable community support – Active Pathways are able to provide a solution!

Active Pathways is able to provide:

• Crisis Support
• Maintenance Support
• Home Care
• Outreach
• Specialist Support

Our model of working is supported by national policy which aims to provide a safe and efficient pathway to people moving out of hospital placements and returning to their local community. Additionally, we aim to support people to live as safely and independently as possible without the need to return to hospital in the future.
Recovery focussed intervention is provided by our team of experienced and skilled support workers with the oversight of a multi-disciplinary team consists of:

• Nurses (RMN)
• Occupational Therapy
• Psychology
• Psychiatry

Through our model we are able to evidence a cost reduction to purchasers of services.

Active Pathways Community Services Cost Reduction Model

“a substantial proportion of people with severe mental illness continue to have significant problems with social and personal functioning many years after diagnosis, despite optimum medical treatment. Most are not so disabled or behaviourally disturbed that they require long-term hospital care, nor so difficult to engage or so high-risk as to require assertive outreach, but they remain at risk of social isolation, self-neglect, relapse into acute illness, inability to cope and exploitation in community settings” (Royal College of Psychiatrists)

We work in partnership with local CMHTs to provide a consistency of input and focus on rehabilitation and recovery. This client group will have been referred from a variety of sources:

• GP Referral
• Self-referral
• early intervention team clients who have ongoing disability or potential relapse
• assertive outreach team clients who are well-engaged but with rehabilitative needs
• community mental health teams clients who need a more structured and intensive approach to rehabilitation
• people leaving in-patient rehabilitation units, low secure services or highly supported placements, both local and out of area, who are moving to a less supported setting. This group of clients often require specialist and intensive community follow-up which is no longer available in many services. The gap in provision between an in-patient unit and a supported housing scheme can be very difficult to manage.

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