Modular Rehabilitation Transitional Programme (MTRP)

On the 10th March 2016 both service users and staff on the Brookhaven unit celebrated the end of the first module of the Modular Rehabilitation Transitional Programme (MTRP) with tea and cake and certificates of achievement were handed out. It was a fantastic afternoon and a great way to celebrate the dedication and hard work of all the service users on the programme.

Module one was all about the development of ‘Self’ and Symptom Management and was intended to provide the opportunity for our service-users to start to explore the term self-belief, how it is formed and the impact it can have on recovery. Self-belief is closely correlated to ‘hope’ which is a main theme of the Recovery model. The module is designed to engage our service-users in the rest of the MTRP programme, to motivate and inspire through a process of self-exploration, challenge and personal reflection. The aim of this module was to reinforce the message that each service-user is valuable as an individual person, their thoughts and opinions do matter and they can expect to manage their symptoms effectively and enjoy leading a more fulfilling life in the community. The module will explore practical methods and provide our service-users with a range of useful evidence-based tools.

Our service users had a well-earned week off but have already commenced sessions on Module two which is focussing on understanding recovery and leading a more fulfilled life. Both staff and service users are looking forward to another 7 weeks of interesting and interactive sessions which will range from positive self-identity, to assertiveness skills to self- development & self-agency.