Information Governance

Information is an asset to Active Pathways, both in terms of the clinical management of individual patients and the efficient and effective management of services and resources. It plays a key part in clinical governance, service planning and performance management.

Key areas of Information Governance:

  • Records Management
  • Information Risk
  • Information Security
  • Freedom of Information Act 2000
  • Data Protection Act 1998

The ultimate aim is to demonstrate that Active Pathways can be trusted to maintain the confidentiality and security of personal information by helping individuals to practice good information governance and be consistent in the way they handle personal and corporate information and avoid duplication of effort.

It is therefore of paramount importance to Active Pathways to ensure that information is handled legally, securely and efficiently and that appropriate policies, procedures and management accountability and structures provide a robust governance framework for information management in order to deliver the best possible care. We recognises the need for an appropriate balance between openness and confidentiality in the management and use of information.

Active Pathways have nominated the following accountable officers to ensure ultimate senior organisational level Information Governance compliance:

  • Senior Information Risk Officer (SIRO)– Syd Coombes, Chief Executive
  • Information Asset Owner (IAO) – Paula Fitzgerald, Corporate Support Manager
  • Integrated Governance Lead – Andrew Frankel-Caine, Head of Operations
  • Caldicott Guardian – Dr Jenny Shaw, External Consultant

Information Governance is a framework for handling information in a confidential and secure manner to appropriate ethical and quality standards in a modern health service. It brings together within a singular cohesive framework, the interdependent requirements and standards of practice.

Active Pathways subscribe to The Information Governance Toolkit enabling the NHS and its partner organisations to ensure that information is dealt with legally, securely, effectively and efficiently in order to deliver the best possible care to service users.

Information disclosure has become a major risk to organisations working with sensitive data, primarily due to the increasing dependence on electronic storage systems and the use of disposable media. Active Pathways adhere to government and NHS guidelines pertaining to the safe storage and secure destruction of patient identifiable and business critical information.

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