Corporate Governance

Active Pathways have robust governance arrangements in place which aim to enhance quality and improve the service user experience. Led by a Senior Leadership Team which includes the Chief Executive, the Senior Leadership Team have a lead role in maintaining and improving corporate standards, policy and procedures for clinical quality and risk management, monitoring outcomes and measuring key performance indicators.

Corporate governance is the structure through which an organisation is directed, controlled and held accountable. It defines a framework of rights, responsibilities, procedures and relationships amongst the various stakeholders of an organisation. The board of directors – or equivalent governing body – is at the heart of any framework of corporate governance, and is arguably the most important mechanism for ensuring that the organisation makes effective decisions which are consistent with its ultimate objectives and mission. Our corporate governance systems are concerned with; HR Management, Information Governance, Research and Development, Risk Management, Service User and Carer Involvement and other clinical quality management processes such as clinical audit.

Active pathways have to ensure real and sustainable improvements in health and care, putting patients at the heart of the system through our approach to care and treatment. Our focus is on improving health outcomes for patients. As an independent sector provider organisation we are deeply conscious that our organisation must be viewed as sturdy and fit for purpose. We are committed to openness and transparency in all our operations. We are focussed on putting patients, clinicians and carers at the centre of decision making in order to improve health outcomes and we will achieve this by being open, evidence based and inclusive.

We recognise that the continued position of Active Pathways in the health & social care industry depends on the quality and motivation of its employees. Well trained, engaged and quality employees are crucial to ensure that service users receive the best quality care.

Active Pathways continues to review its remuneration system to ensure it is fair, transparent, flexible and provides individual recognition. We recognise that good and effective employee communications are particularly important to retaining and motivating employees and the Senior Leadership Team are committed to listening to the views and opinions of our employees.

We believe that it is important to recruit and retain capable and caring staff regardless of their sex, marital status, race or religion.  It is our policy to give full and fair consideration to applications for employment from people who are disabled, to continue wherever possible the employment of and to arrange appropriate training for, employees who become disabled and to provide equal opportunities for the career development, training and promotion of disabled employees.

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