Our Vision & Values

Our Vision

That each service user and each member of staff is entitled to and will have, their own individual and unique pathway designed by them with the support of the organisation to get from their current situation to their desired situation.

Each service user is supported to be an expert in their own mental health and each member of staff is supported to be an expert in their own development, with everyone’s voice heard, respected and acted upon.

Our Values

  • Quality of our Care
  • Safety of our People
  • Passion for Positive Outcomes

Your Pathway: a better future

‘I have been visiting Brookhaven for a year, in a professional capacity, as a tutor for literacy and numeracy workbased learning.  I have been continually impressed with the upbeat attitude, flexibility and dedication of the staff and their manager.  They are absolutely dedicated to moving forward and never compromise on the care they show the residents’.  

Visiting Literacy and Numeracy Tutor

‘Thank you to a wonderful team.  All your hard work and dedication does come to some good.  [….] has had his life back, he is a confident young man, a lot of people have been involved in his progress and you are all amazing’.

Relatives of one of our Service Users