Safeguarding is placed at the heart of our work to enable people who use our services to feel safe and secure in their Care and Treatment. Staff working within Active Pathways Limited must work in partnership with other agencies to safeguard adults at risk of abuse.

Any adult at risk of abuse or neglect within our services has access to relevant services for addressing issues of abuse and neglect, including the civil and criminal justice system and victim support services. Staff working within this company engage fully in the process of networking with other agencies established by the Local Authority to help determine whether an inter-agency investigation is required as a result of a safeguarding alert being raised. There are clear procedures in place to be followed by our staff in the event of suspected abuse or mistreatment of an adult or child at risk.

Raising concerns about abuse or neglect nearly always involves sharing information about an individual that is both personal and sensitive. Such information is only shared with their informed consent, unless there is an overriding duty such as a danger to life and limb or risk to others. These exceptions are described in the Data Protection Act (1998); Caldicott Guidance (DoH 1997), and case law in relation to human rights legislation.

In order to ensure that Active Pathways Limited places our patients at the centre of their care, we ensure probity and openness in our reporting systems. These reports monitor and provide support and safeguards to services where patient care is thought to be at risk. Information in reports is discussed in governance meetings and involves people who use our services in this process to ensure lessons are learnt.

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