Our Approach to Recovery

Our passion as an organisation is to support service users to build meaningful and satisfying lives. We do not focus on ‘the illness or pathology’ but on the actual person.

It is our aim to support people to have more active control over their lives by helping them to discover a sense of personal identity and self-esteem.

We recognise that the helping relationship needs to be based on coaching and collaboration. Our services are delivered in appropriate and safe environments by fully qualified specialist clinical teams who are passionate about supporting service users to be in control of their own care pathway. We work collaboratively and in partnership with commissioners and case managers as well as service users, their care-givers and families. With access to a wide range of therapies, we develop tailor-made rehabilitation programmes in collaboration with carers and local teams. We provide frequent updates to care co-ordinators and hold regular Care Programme Approach (CPA) review meetings to review progress.

Intervention Approaches

Our intervention approaches include individualised relapse prevention programmes, personalised risk management programmes and independent living skills. We encourage social participation in the community through access to a wide range of educational and employment opportunities.

This is supported through a reduced medical approach to the treatment of mental illness; and working in partnership, we aim to support the service user to address lifestyle dynamics which can directly improve their mental health functioning and reduce symptomology. We are therefore able to encourage service users to adopt a less chaotic lifestyle whilst establishing structure and routine.

Anticipated Outcomes

  • A greater sense of hope and empowerment
  • Physical health improvements
  • Improved coping strategies and motivation
  • Increased insight and awareness of relapse indicators
  • Better daily structure and routines
  • Reduced dependence upon professional services
  • Improved sense of identity and self confidence
  • Increased social inclusion and access to wider community facilities and opportunities
  • Enhanced independent living skills

Active Pathways recognise that recovery is a uniquely individual journey and will differ from one person to the next. As an organisation we believe in developing a genuine partnership with service users, staff, care co-ordinators, family, and community partners to make a real difference to the lives of the people who use our services.