Integrated Governance Framework

Clinical and organisational risk management is an essential ongoing element of all of our services. We ensure all our facilities are fit for purpose to maximise the safety of the people in our care.

Our clinical and operational structures are fully integrated at all levels, allowing us to direct the maximum resource towards individual care and individual development. Our Clinical Governance Board consists of key clinicians, managers and directors from within the organisation, and meets on a monthly basis to review and monitor integrated governance issues and how we can improve practice within our services. All staff are CRB checked for their suitability to work with our vulnerable clients.

Active Pathways Limited advocate for a culture of openness, delivering evidenced-based practice and continuous learning and improvement. We aspire to be viewed as a centre of excellence of good practice for other health and social care organisations by being transparent about safety, quality, compliance and governance.

We will ensure that our services are safe and effectively regulated. We will measure our success by providing objective, quantitative and auditable data that measures outcomes, effectiveness and user experience to continuously drive improvement.

Active Pathways Limited assures that services are compliant by:

  • A robust and comprehensive internal audit programme in each of our services
  • An identified accountable officer for Health and Safety, Information Governance, Safeguarding, Infection Control, and quality
  • A robust integrated governance cycle of reporting, analysing data and feedback
  • A system of whole service auditing through the Head of Operations reporting directly to board
  • Action planning for improvement and ensuring that there is a clear system of accountability for resolution of outstanding actions.

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