Recovery focused mental health services

Active Pathways Ltd has been operating  in Lancashire and the North West of England for over ten years as a Mental Health and Learning Disability provider for adults aged 18-65 years. We are focused on delivering recovery focused mental health services within innovative, creative, and inspiring environments.

Our services have a clear purpose which is to be a centre of excellence for mental health rehabilitation and recovery from locked in-patient services through to independent community living. We enjoy a positive relationship with CQC and purchasing authorities and have a strong operational infra-structure provided through Active Pathways Limited to ensure that our practice remains safe, quality focused and is underpinned by robust clinical and corporate governance structures. Our services ensure a maintained balance between therapy as well as care and that the progress of treatment is outcome measureable to monitor and evaluate clinical effectiveness.

We provide services to a number of CCGs and Local Authorities throughout Lancashire and the North West looking to place vulnerable people into an engaging rehabilitative programme. We have a passion for providing community tailored services where service-users can be supported in less restrictive environments during their recovery wherever possible. We have extensive experience of supporting people with mental health issues over a number of years and in a non-coercive way, developing relationships, managing risk and providing opportunities to improve skills and enjoy citizenship within a local community.

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